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My favorite cruise… onboard my favorite ship

Best ship, luxury category companies

Tastes and colors are not discussed, but my preference is more towards a classy and refined style rather than a flashy and overloaded design. However, I have never fully appreciated the classicism of a company like Princess Cruises, which I find a bit “old-fashioned”. It was while boarding the Viking Jupiter that I found what suited me best! Scandinavian style. The Viking Ocean Cruises ships, all modeled on the exact same model, are warm and just to my liking. Attention to detail is also omnipresent to guarantee maximum comfort.

The company also has certain biases that also suit me well: there is no casino on board, no more than a photo gallery (and therefore no photographers chasing you wherever you are on the ship). These choices save space and above all serenity in everyday life.

The places where you can get quiet are numerous, varied, and systematically equipped with electrical or USB outlets. The atmosphere of the lounges is warm. And the deliberately low capacity of the ship (930 passengers), the places are never saturated, overloaded or noisy. The absence of passengers under 18 certainly has a lot to do with it.

The opening hours of the 2 swimming pools are wide, and it is easy to find your way around alone. The indoor swimming pool is equipped with an opening roof, to take advantage of the milder climates or to stay well sheltered from the frost of certain routes of which Viking is a specialist.

The spa is also magnificent, and included by default in the price of the cruise. In times of covid, you must make an appointment for a 45-minute slot. Advantage: there are not many people at the same time, when you are not squarely in a “privatized” spa.

It’s a ship that party people will hate because even the entertainment is more classical or pop music oriented, far from the techno boom boom spitting out from nasal loudspeakers in all public places. Phew.

Best ship, standard category companies

The Celebrity Apex (or the Edge, her twin sister) also offers a well-thought-out ship, without flashy decorations. Although a bit more festive than Viking’s ships, there’s an overall calming vibe and tons of different locations, each with their own personality.

The Sunset Bar, located at the aft of the ship, is a place where you can have a drink in peace with a view of the wake. The famous Magic Carpet, by its position outside one side of the ship, gives the impression of flying above the sea. The Eden, at the rear of the ship offers lots of corners and corners to meet in peace, in the middle of green plants!

El Baccio café is a must for a gourmet coffee break. A high, long table is equipped with electrical and USB sockets, workspace style, where we find the addicts with their computers, in this place quiet enough to concentrate.

The Martini Bar, central in the ship, attracts people for its shows from the bartenders who juggle to the sounds and lights under the chandelier, making the shakers fly and preparing multicolored martinis which will be offered to the passengers (in any case those who crowded quite early at sea bass level).

The outdoor swimming pool is also a model of its kind. Nearly 25 meters long, it allows you to do real lengths. The indoor swimming pool is quiet, not far from the Spa Café and Juicebar…

The theater is modern, large enough without being huge, and is equipped with multiple giant screens that immerse spectators in impressive visual universes. No rammers block the view (hello to the horrible Costa Smeralda theatre!).

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