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Sydney to Vancouver onboard Celebrity Eclipse (April 2023)

Among the itineraries that make you dream, the crossing of the Pacific Ocean is not the least. And not the shortest either. It will take 30 days for the Celebrity Eclipse to sail from Sydney to Vancouver, via New Zealand, French Polynesia, and the Hawaiian Islands. These are 2 “back 2 back” cruises, with a first leg from Sydney to Honolulu, then a second leg from Honolulu to Vancouver.

And to start, it’s about going from Paris to Sydney!

Paris-Vancouver with Singapore Airlines

While looking for a Paris-Sydney flight, I came across a great promotion on Singapore Airlines, in business class. Since I had heard very good things about this airline, I jumped at the chance.

The company is part of Star Alliance, whose business lounge is located in terminal 1 of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. It is a fairly large place and was not very busy this Wednesday, April 19. A pleasant way to wait for boarding, in peace.

My first flight takes off at noon, heading to Singapore, for a duration of 12h50. The business seat is very comfortable, with all possible equipment, a large screen and numerous films to pass the time. After the meal, a hostess comes to transform the armchair into a bed, just as comfortable.

The meals served are excellent. Chicken Satay skewers get the ball rolling, and it all ends with an incredible dessert cart! The service is incredible. Singapore Airlines deserves its reputation!

A stopover of around 3 hours at Changi Airport, the sumptuous airport of Singapore, gives me the opportunity to visit the place before joining the lounge, a little less calm than in Paris.

The second flight is scheduled for 9:30 a.m., lasting 7:40 hours. Arriving in Sydney on time is welcome: it’s been almost 24 hours since I left.


The cruise departs only 2 days later, which leaves me a full day to discover Sydney. My hotel, the Shangri-La, is located right next to the cruise port, and overlooks the legendary Sydney Bay and its world-famous opera house.

Many tourists stroll along the quays and around the opera. Here it is late summer, which gives this walk a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. Incredible feeling of walking in this postcard setting, of contemplating this panorama so often “seen on TV”. A kind of dream come true.

Another walk, at night, reveals a warm and lively city center.

Waking up on day 2, my floating hotel for the month to come is anchored just a few steps away. Time to board !

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