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North Pole and the Arctic aboard the Viking Saturn (July 2023)

One of Viking Ocean’s newest ships, launched in spring 2023, was positioned between Bergen and Reykjavik during the summer season. 2-week trips are offered towards the Arctic Circle, with visits to numerous Norwegian fjords. An ideal period to enjoy the famous midnight sun: for almost 10 days, no night. The sun approaches the horizon then rises in the sky, day after day.

Viking Saturn

No surprises on board the ship, all Viking ships are the same. We find ourselves there “at home”, as their slogan says, after 2 cruises aboard Viking Jupiter, in 2021, first around Iceland then during a Transatlantic between Barcelona and Buenos Aires, also in 2021.

Nothing really new on this side, except the pleasure of returning to this magnificent floating hotel for 2 weeks, and in particular the possibility of eating on the Aquavit Terrace, with fantastic landscapes as a backdrop.

The Scandinavian design remains the same, with some small variations in the decoration, but which one might not notice without paying attention. And always this calm on board, firstly because the company is reserved for adults, but also because with only a maximum of 930 passengers, and numerous public spaces, the places are never saturated.


The spa is free to access, without extra charge. There you will find all the classics, showers, cold water bath, swimming pool with hydromassage, jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, heating stones and even an icy area with snow.

At the end of the day, it’s not unusual to find yourself there alone, with all the space to yourself!


The 2 swimming pools are heated. The infinity pool at the rear of the boat, overlooked by a hot tub, often offers breathtaking views of the landscape. In the Norwegian fjords, it’s magical.

The indoor swimming pool has a sliding roof over it, which is opened whenever the weather permits. In the closed version, the space is sufficiently heated so as not to fear the sometimes freezing weather outside. And there is always a waiter to bring you a drink.


The cabin is a Deluxe Veranda, which we appreciate the Nespresso machine, even if coffees of all kinds on board are included in the price of the cruise. Drinks (non-alcoholic) are also available in the fridge, refilled every day.

The bathroom is equipped with a heated floor, very pleasant.

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